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Chubalicious Vs MC Obnoxious [CRB]

The quarter finals of the In The Bag Tournament was incredible and perhaps no battle as impressive as this one. MC Obnoxious elevated his game to a new level but ran into one of the best performances in CRB history . Did the judges get it right ? This battle got personal and has a little bit of everything. Enjoy the show!

The Sorority “Wildin” [Video]

Toronto group The Sorority won't stop, they released "Wildin" produced by J.O. Mairs. Song is off The Sorority's debut album "Pledge". Video director is Okey Dokey Creative.

GOV “MiXXXd Up” [Video]

Toronto by way of London artist, GOV returns with an amazing new video single for “MiXXXd Up”. 0The video was directed by Saint of Motion 20 Films.

Russell “Peep Game” [Video]

Watch "Peep Game", the new video from Russell. The beat was produced by K-Beatz and the video was directed by Jack Peros.