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Flash Freeze vs TLA [CRB Rap Battle]

Check out the latest battle from Ottawa's Rap Battle league, CRB. The battle features Flash Freeze returning to CRB to face newcomer TLA.

Harvey Stripes “Snowbirds” [Video]

Toronto based rapper Harvey Stripes embodies the cold, hard North in his new video "Snowbirds." In a setting straight out of "Inception's" climax, Stripes holes up in a mansion with a gang of cold-hearted ladies, dressed in ski masks and not much else. The location shots are excellent, with cinematography and editing by Zac Facts, who deftly juxtaposes the duality of the icy Canadian exterior with the firey passion of the deadly temptresses. Over a banging beat from Murda Beatz, Stripes continues to prove himself as another notable voice from Canada.

Pryde “Prove Me Wrong” [Video]

Not many keep working like Brampton artist Pryde, he just dropped a video last week and he is already back with another one entitled "Prove Me Wrong". Video was shot by Logan Meis.

Nue “Obvious” [Video]

New video and single from Toronto artist Nue. The song entitled titled "Obvious" is the first offering from his forthcoming album, "Iroquois", slated to be released May 2017. Directed by Patrice Nuelie.

Pryde “West End Rebound” [Video]

Watch the new visual from Brampton artist Pryde. The track is called "West End Rebound" and the video was directed by Logan Meis, Ryan Chaba and Russell Llantino.

Art Série #28 W/ Mista Mean & Hevve [Interview]

Something to watch if you love Hip Hop and understand French, as they switch between English and French in this interview with Art Serie. This is episode #28, take some time and watch this dope series.

Merkules – Mask Off Remix (Future)

The kid Merkules recently lost some social media followers after being hacked. That isn't going to stop him, check out his latest video and remix titled "Mask Off".

Audioboss Productions “My Day”
Feat. Junior Reid & 3llay [Video]

Stylistic fusion and international appeal are the first two sentiments that come to mind when describing "Make My Day". A timeless tropical pop single that crosses all borders and extends a stand up, feel good sensation across the globe. There’s something everyone in the world can relate to. There truly is something classic and undeniably captivating about the story of young lovers reuniting after being continents apart. Ottawa based production Audioboss examines an age old concept from a contemporary perspective. The song features Junior Reid and 3llay.

#Blackout7 Day 1 [Review]

KOTD is back again with another one, day 1 of #Blackout7 went down yesterday and the energy was amazing. Hip Hop was in the building and tonight you can expect the same vibe. The experience of being in the venue and finding out who is battling who is what it's all about. With each day of Blackout we already know who the headlining battles are but it's the smaller battles and on the spot revealing that makes it worth attending this classic event. Can't make it tonight? That's ok you can get the PPV. Up next, day 2!