Pressa “Wassi Callin Intro” [Video]

19-year-old Toronto rapper, Pressa has been buzzing since releasing his street single “Deadmihana” over a year ago and since then his buzz in the industry has continued to rise. He has recently taken his talents to Europe to open up for Drake on his Boy Meets World Tour and he just dropped a video for “Wassi Callin Intro”.

Tom MacDonald “Hangman” [Video]

Check out the new video from Tom MacDonald, “Hangman” is a strikingly vulnerable and brutally honest look at the most difficult time in Tom MacDonald’s life right now. With a complete mental breakdown fresh in his memory, Tom is now in an every day war with clinical depression. This is the defiant story of a troubled young man’s will to overcome. The shockingly aggressive performance leaves little to the imagination and paints a stark picture of the demons that many people struggle with every day.