Blake Carrington Interview
[The Come Up Show]

He just doesn’t stop, DJ Chedo is on fire! Check out what Chedo had to say “Blake Carrington’s verse on Famous’ “A Kid Tryna Make It” made me a new fan of his music. I realized how important it is for a new artist to come correct on everything they do because they can gain a new fan. I kicked it with Blake Carrington and his producer Ric Notes who has produced for…..

Mac Miller Interview [The Come Up Show]

Take in what DJ Chedo had to say “Mac Miller really is the hardest working kid in America. When I interviewed him he just graduated high school and since then he has toured internationally, dropped “The Best Day Ever” mixtape and is working on another project with DJ Jazzy Jeff. In our interview he talked about the influence Old School Hip Hop had on him; artists like Big L, Outkast, and Tribe Called Quest. Why he thinks it’s important to never get ahead of yourself and how shocked he is with his success.

Vico [Prolific Profile]

BringYaEhGame reporter Ya Favourite Lightskin is always on the grind!!! He recently conducted an interview with Vico for HipHopCanada’s latest Prolific Profile. Since 2009, with the release of his debut mixtape “Judgement Day”, he has made people take notice and acknowledge his determination to become a mainstay in the….

Big Sean Interview [The Come Up Show]

Check out what DJ Chedo had to say ” If you paid any attention to the Good Friday songs or the B.E.T. Cypher, then you’re familiar with Big Sean. We caught up with Big Sean for his debut Toronto show; he told us what it’s like to have Kanye West as his mentor, where his trademark saying “Boii” came from, and if he feels any pressure for his debut….