Chris Jackson [Interview]

Check out another fresh interview with a special guest from Toronto, this time we sat down with Chris Jackson of #BigTicket and EasPark. We talked about his latest venture with CBC, the 25 year industry celebration event he put together for DJ Mel Boogie and much more. Bring Ya Eh Game radio on CHUO 89.1 FM airs every Friday night from 10pm until midnight. Stream past episodes at 🎥 by Vrivera Photography.

Hevve – Featured Artist

We decided to bring back Featured Artist Of The Month and our first artist back on the hot spot is Ottawa born rap artist, Hevve. The up coming artist has been consistent with releases and the performances since he started and his catalog runs deep. There are not many in Cap City that can say the same so we sat down with busy emcee and had the opportunity to get to know more about him. {Read More}

Hott TV Uncut EP. 302 [Interview]

This week on Hott TV Nisa hangs out with Maizy F, Hiba, Lady Canon and Karma Kay from The 6ix Female Cypher at iLive Radio. Then she introduces you to unsigned hype Mazzi 500 and finally she hangs out with Dynamic at one of his final tapings of Bring Ya Eh Game Radio on CIUT 89.1 FM in Toronto.

The Narrative Of… Ride or Die (Episode 2) [Interview]

In episode two of HipHopCanada’s The Narrative Of…, Maricel Joy explores the origins and story behind the ‘ride or die’ theme in Hip Hop culture with Mark V. Campbell, urban culture expert and adjunct professor at the Ryerson University school of media. Taped at Sandbox Studios in Toronto, Maricel and Mark discuss (potential) origins of the theme, why and when it peaked as a prevalent narrative, why is it an important theme for the culture, and how the ‘ride or die’ theme can be / should be interpreted.