“Tour Life” Part Two: Peter Jackson

“I just want this so bad,” says Peter Jackson. It’s almost 4 a.m. in Whistler, British Columbia as he sits on the hotel balcony, trying to wind down. It’s been a turbulent tour for the young rapper. Riding on the tour bus with Slaughterhouse and Pharoahe Monch means he’s been isolated from the rest of the crew. He found out mid-way through the tour that one of his close friends was arrested for a violent crime….

Listen to Choclair “Fired Up” [Audio]

You know the site is doing well when you ask Choclair personally to send his new track this way and it’s in the email the next day. Choclair is an artist that all the staff here have looked up too for many years and is a pioneer in Hip Hop especially in Canada. What’s great is he is touring constantly while still making music. His latest song really shows you exactly where he is in his life and how “Fired Up” he is. Have a listen to the new song it was produced by C4.

Happy Canada Day from BringYaEhGame.com!!!

It’s Canada Day Eh? So of course on this wonderful day we would like to wish you a very happy Canada day!!! Take some time and watch three videos we have posted on the site before but never all in one and enjoy them plus they all have to do with Canada. This is our treat to you and after you watch them go and celebrate with your family and friends be safe and be proud to be a Canadian!!!