Eternia [Featured Artist Of The Week]

Hip Hop artist Eternia has graced the cover of Toronto’s “The Eyeopener”, Vancouver’s “Terminal City”, and Sydney Australia’s “Homebase”. All three magazines had one thing in common: they saw in Eternia a fiery commitment to succeed and growing star potential. If Eternia’s unrelenting drive and incomparable skill is any indication, it will not be long before the rest of the world scrambles for the coattails of this lyrical phenomenon. Meet Canada’s answer to: ‘Who’s Got Next?’ For over twenty-five years Eternia has contributed to the positive musical vibrations around her. Born to parents who were extremely musically inclined, she began performing in church as a toddler, and continued throughout her teens. At age eight she was introduced to the culture that would captivate her for life: Hip Hop. Eternia started reciting lyrics, and before long, she was scribing her own extraordinary material. However, it was just a hobby until 1994, when she decided to take emceeing seriously; from local stages to radio stations no microphone has been safe ever since. Eternia has tightened her skills in street ciphers, studio sessions, and live shows. She’s rocked rhymes from crowded subway cars in the Bronx, to ciphers outside of the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe (Manhattan), to street corners in Philadelphia. Eternia honed her stage presence at a variety of N.Y.C. venues including Wetlands, S.O.B.’s, Bowery Ballroom, and Baby Jupiter, which grew to performances across the U.S.A. in every major city/state mentionable. In Canada, she’s rocked crowds and rhymed on campus radio stations from Halifax, N.S. all the way to Vancouver, B.C. In 2003, Eternia extended her musical experience overseas, where Australia proved to be fruitful ground for her vivacious lyrical passion. Following a slew of successful singles, videos & feature releases including “Work it Out”, “Sorrow Song” (Universal/Maple), “Understand If I” (Battle Axe Records), & “Just the Way it Is” (Urbnet), and the Australian national chart-topper “Movin’” (Warner), Eternia released “Where I Been – The Collection” in spring 2005, a mix CD of Eternia’s past releases, exclusive drops, unreleased material, international collaborations, and fresh singles. The Collection served to prepare the public for her Debut Full-Length Album, “It’s Called Life”, funded by FACTOR Canada and executive produced by Eternia. The highly anticipated album was released across Canada and in Australia October, 2005. A graduate in Broadcast Journalism and Sociology from Ryerson University, Eternia’s work ethic and commitment to her craft is unparalleled in the urban music industry. As an emcee, Eternia’s focus is potent content, along with lyricism, delivery and style. Eternia is determined to eternally make music that excites, entertains and evokes emotion and for that we have chosen her as our Featured Artist Of The Week.

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