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From time he’s been holding it down in Halifax, if you go out to that scene your guaranteed if you ask to be told that he is one of the best next up and coming emcees Halifax has to offer. He’s killed it as a group member, he’s killed it as a solo artist and now he’s killing it here on He’s got game with whatever he is up to & because of that he is going to let us know what he’s been up to lately.  His Name is Quake and it’s time you take take a minute and read all about him.


BYEG: Quake man how you been? Last time we talked was in Halifax you had your video on Hold It Down Vol.2, what have you been up to since then.

Quake: I’ve been good. Since we last spoke, I dropped a couple mixtapes, shot a couple videos, and really just started concentrating on building my online following.

BYEG: So you got Halifax on lock as far as the local scene goes what’s the next step in your career other then taking over the world of course?

Quake: The next step in the process is to drop my debut album “The Myth” early this summer. Then the focus will be to get on the road and start touring to promote the release. I’ve also already started working on a couple of new collaborative projects.

BYEG: You really have developed your talent you were dope before but it’s almost as if you have studied the art more  do you feel that’s correct?

Quake: Of course. With anything you do in life, the longer you keep doing it, the clearer the process becomes. In my case, it leads to better music as I age.

BYEG: Tell the people what the IV League is all about, you rep that a lot who’s all in it?

Quake: The IV league often gets mistaken for a label. That’s not the case. Its a collective of artists/extended fam that DJ IV enjoys doing music with. We got 2 producers, IV and an up and coming cat named Matty Boh who’s real crazy. As far as spitters go there is, Al Boogie, Ghetto Child, Jay Mayne, Miracle, J Bru and Myself.

BYEG: You have done some battling in your time right? I heard you were getting into KOTD are any of the rumors true?

Quake: I started my career off of battling. I won a city wide battle put on by Trobiz when I was 16 that’s when a lot of people starting hearing about me. As far as battling nowadays, I don’t see it happening unless it’s a really prestigious battle. I try to pride myself more on song writing.  Don’t get it twisted though, the battle is still in me, I’m just choosing not to unleash it right now.

BYEG: You were in a crew called Fax 4 before what happened with the group are you still working together?

Quake: We made one album called “Inklined”. We did a bunch of shows and had some of the best years of my life. Not too many people can say they got to experience the bar scene at 15 and 16 years old.  After that, most of the crew moved away to pursue different paths. But something tells me you will hear a Fax 4 reunion project in the times to come, stay tuned.

BYEG: You work with Classified as well what’s your situation over at his label are you signed too him or do you just get beats from him?

Quake: Half life is distributing my debut project “The Myth”.

BYEG: You make a lot of good music but if you had to pick one artist to work with in Canada who would it be?

Quake: That’s a tough choice, there’s a lot of talented Canadian Artists. I’m going to steer away from the rap genre on this one and say Melanie Fiona or Jully Black.

BYEG: What do you think about the art of freestyling? You think it is needed in order to consider yourself an artist?

Quake: I love the art of freestyle, there’s nothing like a cipher, especially when everybody has a couple drinks in them. But with that said, I don’t believe you have to be good at freestyling to be a good artist.

BYEG: Who would you, or do you consider anybody an icon in Canada?

Quake: I would say Drake is on his way there, if not at the stage to be given that title already.

BYEG: Thanks for kicking it with but before you go any last words?

Quake: Shouts to all the real fans.

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