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Listen to Merkz Brown Billz feat. Remix “Pandoras Box”

Just got this song in the email popped it on and decided to post it on the site. He is from Ottawa his name is Merkz Brown Billz he's reppin Canadian Currency and is eager and ready to make a name for himself. Take some time to listen to his brand new track "Pandoras Box" which features another Ottawa emcee Remix. Look out for the video coming soon and if you like what you hear post it around to show support for this up and coming artist from Canada.

Harvey Stripes “Certified” feat. Hakeem [Download]

That's that crack Harvey Stripes just linked us his latest single and it's free for download right here on!!! This one is feat. Hakeem blessing it with his crazy vocals while Harvey stripes man handles the beat prod. by Beat Merchant, this is hype take a listen.....TALK TO EM!!!!

Mayne Ishu “Who You Know” [Official Video]

We have been hearing about Mayne Ishu for a while now and just today we came across his latest promo video for his new track called "Who You Know". He is bringing a completely different style to the table or to the booth, however you want to look at it either way it sounds dope......

Shots back to P. Reign? / BIG PAGE “While you were sleeping”

You know you heard the P. Reign diss to BIG PAGE if you have not yet click the link, either way we got both in the post. We say P. Reign killed PAGE but PAGE stood his ground and came back who do you think is winning so far or is this all made up just to cause some hype for these cats? Who knows either way it is very entertaining.....

Cashtro “NY Cool” [Official Video]

Cashtro is back at it again with a brand new video to kill the world!!! Alright that was a joke but it is killer. Living in Ottawa, Canada the nation's capital Cashtro is originally from Pittsburgh but is kicking it here in the north so we had to show him some love. If he did not live in Canada trust he would not get to see the light of day on this site ha ha ha, sorry Cashtro gotta break it down for the people. The joint for the video is insane and is called "NY Cool" and does not feature Cashtro at all visually but his vocals go with the images portrayed and it is put together proper and a really interesting way of telling a story. The short film was directed by Slick Jackson so don't take a New York minute and check it, take some time and take the video in EH!!!

Listen to Eternia “THE BBQ” feat. Rah Digga & Rage

Take a few minutes and listen to the new joint "The BBQ" Eternia feat Rah Digga & Rage WOW!!! It has a nice summertime vibe to it so kick back, enjoy it & download it since she is giving it away, and put it on a CD to play in the backyard while you get your cook on. It taste so good.....

Magnum 357 “Light up” [Remix] [Download]

He recorded this over the Stylus awards weekend in Toronto at Cherry Sound Studios,Which ironically is one of the studios Drake works out of. Pretty sure Magnum is the first to go in on this record. This is just straight to the point real music! Support Canadian Hip Hop & pass it around.

Interview w/ Quake

From time he's been holding it down in Halifax, if you go out to that scene your guaranteed if you ask to be told that he is one of the best next up and coming emcees Halifax has to offer. He's killed it as a group member, he's killed it as a solo artist and now he's killing it here on He's got game with whatever he is up to & because of that he is going to let us know what he's been up to lately. His Name is Quake and it's time you take take a minute and read all about him.

Quick Pick Of The Month

Quick Pick Of The Month Quick Pick is hosted by representative Qinfo. Quake feat. Kayo “Just Got Home” Magnum […]