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Joyanne “Be Free” [Official Video]

Check out the official video for the first single from Montreal artist Joyanne. The song was produced by Knetic Music and the video was directed by Labnoise Films.

Sese “YFRWN” [Official Video]

Peep the brand new video from Sese entitled "YFRWN" off the mixtape by the same name, the song was produced by Vokab and the video was directed by G-Dot!

Harvey Stripes “Must Be The Money” featuring Captain Hooks / Marcus Voyce “Diary Girl” featuring Harvey Stripes [Offical Videos]

Two new videos from Harvey Stripes, both produced by Beat Merchant, and both directed by The Sharpshooter. First one features Captain Hooks and is entitled "Must Be The Money", second video is a Marcus Voyce single which features Harvey Stripes. The first video features the beautiful Rosa Acosta and the second video stars Alana Wyatt. Look out for "FXCK2MYTAPE" from Marcus Voyce and "A Dollar & A Dream Mixtape" from Harvey Stripes both projects coming soon!

Ray Gambini “Set It Off” [Official Video]

Toronto's Ray Gambini is back with another banger this one is called "Set It Off" and is brought to you by Red Royalty Entertainment. The video was directed by Rohit "Badmash" Thakur.

Peter Jackson “Intervention”
[Official Viral Video]

Peter Jackson's official viral video video entitled "Intervention". Record was produced by DJ Sluv and the video was directed by G-Dot. The "Intervention" track is off of Peter Jackson's debut album "In My Life".

Vico “She Luvs Me” [Official Video]

Brand new video from Vico entitled "She Luvs Me". The video was shot in Hollywood, California and was directed by Frankie N. Films. Look out for Vico's new mixtape "Creative Control 1.0" coming soon, we will have it when it is available!

Ceas Rock [Featured Artist Of The Week]

Montreal's Ceas Rock has been putting in work for his city and country for a while now. We first heard of Ceas Rock when he was featured as episode 2 for the "Step Your Bar Game Up" series courtesy of Labnoise Films but that is not all he has done...

Saukrates Production [Official Promo]

Wow this is dope look at the work that Saukrates has put in and this is just a sample of what he has done, some people need to step it up before they consider themselves vets.Check out the list of some of the gems he has produced from the past they are listed inside.