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Theology 3 on Bring Ya Eh Game Radio!!!

We’re back with a brand new episode of Bring Ya Eh Game (BYEG) hosted exclusively on and of course the home of BYEG. Shouts to HipHopCanada for their support. This time around we caught up with Theology 3. Here’s what one of our our staff members Ya Favourite Lightskin had to say: “I feel like we never stop the show. We just keep bringing you that exclusive Canadian content. It’s Episode 3 already; and on to the next one. For this episode I met up with Theology 3 in Toronto. We vibed out a little before the interview, I found out he does not like to smoke, and I only found that out because I smoked until he was high from the contact fumes. We discussed what he has been working on, his feelings about the battle scene in Canada, his views on Don Cherry....

Joyanne “Be Free” [Official Trailer]

It's all love with Labnoise Films over here. We respect the hustle and because of that we stay on the lookout for everything they put together. This is the latest from the film crew based out of Montreal, Canada. The song was produced by Knetic.

Riley “BBM Me Up” [DJ Pack Download]

Riley is the newest member to join Richmond Street Records/Fontana North. Listen to his first single under his new label the song is called "BBM Me Up".

Vico “Savage” [Official Video]

The last project we heard from Vico was his mixtape "Judgement Day". He's back at it again with a new video called "Savage" directed by Frankie N. Films take a look.

Choclair “Made” (Move Mountains) [Official Video]

Choclair is back with his new video called "Made" (Move Mountains). It is a very inspirational song and is what Canada has been missing for a while now. We are glad to see a new video from Choclair. Take it in this is for you!!!

A-Game “Airplanes” [Official Release Party Video]

We posted this song a while ago but the video for the release party was just released. Check out the private screening of A-Game's release party for "Airplanes". The video was directed by T-Square Media.