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Toonie Tuesday vs Qinfo TV x iSH [Quick Pick]

Check out what happens when Qinfo and a fellow KFC customer meet on Toonie Tuesday. Also take a look at our first episode of "Quick Pick" we will be doing these once a month.

Hones-T “Got Me Twisted” [Official Video]

Hones-T's just released his new track "Got Me Twisted" from the mixtape "Be Myself" hosted by DJ White Owl. He has a video for the track as well and it was directed by Justin Agustin.

Kwes “Well Jackson” [Download]

Ottawa emcee Kwes just released a 7 track EP titled "Against The Dying Of The Light". The project was produced by James Hancock. Listen to "Well Jackson" and then click the link for the free download.

JRDN “U Can Have It All” [Official Video]

Check out JRDN's new video for "U Can Have It All" directed by Cazhmere. While your at it if you haven't already check out the interview we did with JRDN it's posted in the interview section.

I. Blast “Tell Em Bout Me” [Official Video]

I. Blast dropped the video for "Tell Em Bout Me" a while back but it's crack so it's up today. Check out the logo for the site on the promo flyer for the video. Big up to Labnoise Films!!!