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“On The Record” w/ JD Era

Check out the latest interview from JD Era, he is helping promote the 2010 Stylus Awards. It's interesting how they put this together take a look!!!

Shad K’s New Album “TSOL” in stores now!!!

It's that time people Shad K just released his new album "TSOL" and you know what that means it's time to support Canadian Hip Hop. Go out and get his new album in stores and on iTunes now. Please support one of Canada's wittiest lyricist.

Rita Carter x Drake x Cover!!!!

Wow where to begin she has a very powerful voice let's start at that. The type of voice that if you have never heard of her in your life you are going to stop what your doing and say a who dat??? Then get a little closer or turn it up just a little bit more and then boom your captivated, you can't stop and your right back at it wanting and waiting for more trust!!!! Her name is Rita Carter and for those that don't know about her and for those that do know about her take a minute and listen to her latest dub of Drake's "Houston.Atlanta.Vegas"....

Harvey Stripes on Bring Ya Eh Game Radio!!!

It's finally here the first episode of Bring Ya EH Game online radio it was already on for the last two weeks but it is now on the home of Bring Ya Eh Game with a little bit of delay good things come to those that wait so without waiting any longer watch it and listen to it now and check out the page on the new HHC!!!

Hey iSH, The Name Is Bring Ya Eh Game!!!

Sorry had to do that "The Name Is iSH" is actually the name and it's the title for the brand new mixtape from Ottawa native iSH. Now in Toronto iSH is getting ready to release his new mixtape and you can bet it will be available for download on so stay tuned....

Check out what we just posted!!!

Welcome to the home of the site is under construction please come back soon thanks for viewing the site!!!

Harvey Stripes Material Girl Feat. Jay Vado

Harvey Stripes moved up to Toronto not too long ago and since his move we have not been able to get away from his music trust though that's a good thing.....

Big Specials House

We got Scotian swag right here on this very site if you didn't know we'll let you know why just take a second and read. Ok now that the second's up we'll give you the answer it's Spesh K!!! He's the reason we got Scotian swag, with his latest project on his new radio show "Big Specials House".....