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The Real Students Of Degrassi feat. Juno nominee Cory Lee [Official Trailer]

This has been out for a while now but for those of you that don't know please read on. The Juno nominated Cory Lee has joined the cast of Degrassi. We just watched the latest trailer for the show called "The Real Students Of Degrassi" and the beautiful Cory lee is running the class room. So if you have not watched it yet make sure you do that right now!!!

Gee Wunder “Tryna Maintain” feat. Aristo [Official Video]

This video was posted to a few sites in the past but in our humble opinion it needs to go up again. Watch the video for the 2nd single "Tryna Maintain" from Hip Hop recording artist Gee Wunder off of the album "For The People". The song was produced by Black Dolphin Entertainment and features Aristo. The video was directed by Ivan Doudin.

The Scale Breakers “Arrive” [Official Video]

New Jazz Records and B-Sharp present The Scale Breakers video for "Arrive". The song was produced by Justin Brave, mixed by Speechless and the video was shot by Matt Brevner for B-Sharp. The single is off their debut album "Leftovers" available for free download soon!!!

F.R.O.S.T. “Basics” [Official Video]

While we were putting up the series "Step Your Bar Game Up" we came across some more talent from the Montreal scene. The artist is F.R.O.S.T. and the name of the song is "Basics". The video was directed by Labnoise Films check it out for yourself.

Listen to Andreena Mill “La La La”

The site has been up for about 2 months now and in that time we have not posted any R&B tracks. We have posted songs with emcees on them and someone singing on the hook but never a real R&B joint. So it is only fitting that Andreena Mill be the first one to bless the site; she has a beautiful voice.

JD Era “You Know This” [Audio]

Jd Era released this joint a while back but when he did the site was not up yet. Now you know that we have a code of conduct that has to be regulated at all times and because we have these rules it is now time to post some more heat. The chorus has some Rihanna vocals now have a listen to "You Know This" it was produced by Beat Merchant.

“Step Your Bar Game Up” Ep. 11 feat. KD and Dizzo

The videos keep coming and when we get them we post them. Labnoise Films is making noise again with the release of episode 11. In this new episode the Montreal based series "Step Your Bar Game Up" features KD and Dizzo.

Quake “Cruel Summer” (Remix)

Quake is here with the remix to "Cruel Summer" by Ace of Base. The chorus stayed the same but Quake brought two verses full of heat to add to your summer. Quake's album "The Myth" is still set for a release this month however this song will be featured on an upcoming mixtape project due out around September.