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Happy Canada Day from!!!

It’s Canada Day Eh? So of course on this wonderful day we would like to wish you a very happy Canada day!!! Take some time and watch three videos we have posted on the site before but never all in one and enjoy them plus they all have to do with Canada. This is our treat to you and after you watch them go and celebrate with your family and friends be safe and be proud to be a Canadian!!!

“Step Your Bar Game Up” episode 10 feat. Anon

If you are a Hip Hop fanatic and truly want to know about the next up and coming talent Montreal has to offer this is something you have to check out. “Step Your Bar Game Up” is filled with interviews as well as freestyles watch episode 10 of the original series created by Labnoise Films right now.

“Tour Life” Part 1: The Salesmen

The tour begins in our home town of Toronto and will end two weeks and over 4400km later in Vancouver. There’s myself, Duxx and Nikos of Concrete Guerilla Clothing in the car, with DJ Dames Nellas & Peter Jackson riding on the tour bus with Slaughterhouse & Pharoahe Monch. We hit the road on a Sunday evening on route to Thunder Bay. I immediately realize two things: Duxx smokes a lot of weed (he’s a dread I should’ve figured) and Nikos is “The Transporter.” He drives twelve hours straight....

“Tour Life” A Five Part Series By Jonathon “Bizz” Brown

They say you don’t really know someone until you’ve travelled with them. I say, you don’t really know someone until you’ve driven across the world’s second largest country with them, stopping in nine cities over 14 days, living off Tim Hortons and 7/11.....

Flight Distance “My Bloody Valentine” feat. Sound Of Lions

Watch the acoustic version of "My Bloody Valentine" by Flight Distance feat. Sound Of Lions. The original song is off the upcoming album "Bad Information". We are still waiting on the actual song which we will post as soon as we get it but for now check this out.

Fatty Soprano “Just One” feat. Trina Elle
[Official Video]

Director Justin Agustin is back at it again with another video and this one is featured on Much Music. The artist is Fatty Soprano and we def. hope this one inspires you. This is a true life story about a current boxing champion Manolis Platis a kid from Montreal who started at the bottom and made his way to the top, we need more videos like this very inspirational.

Brokenbridge “Chronic In The Air” [Audio]

We got our hands on the new Brokenbridge joint "Chronic In The Air" yes the pun is intended and since it's a nice day out today it's time to let ya'll hear the new record. This song is off the latest project from Brokenbridge "The Bridge EP". No official release date yet for the EP but when we know we will let you know. For now take in some feel good music.

Drake “Better Than Good Enough” [Documentary]

So far Drake's debut album "Thank Me Later" has sold almost half a million to date in America and has been certified platinum in Canada not bad for the first week. Drake also just released a documentary which aired on MTV on June/23/2010, if you missed the documentary it is called "Better Than Good Enough" and you can watch it here today.