Peter Jackson “Certified” Feat.
Naughty By Nature [Official Video]

This video represents much more than just the music, it is representative of his real life story, the story of a young boy watching his dreams come to life. The video begins in 1993, as a young Peter Jackson lies in bed watching Naughty by Nature on T.V. Lost in his own thoughts he begins to recognize what he wants to do when he grows up. As the young Peter falls asleep his dreams take him away and he imagines working with the legendary Treach of Naugthy by Nature. Jump ahead 18 years Peter Jackson, all grown up, wakes at his house as he hears Treach calling from outside his window. He has arrived to pick Peter up for the day, which includes a recording session and show. Watch as a young boy gets to live out his childhood dreams of working with Certified Hip Hop Legends Naughty by Nature.

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Dynamic aka Ya Favourite Lightskin is a Hip Hop artist, award winning radio host and the founder of Bring Ya Eh Game.

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