Prehistoric [Featured Artist Of The Month]

In the late 90s, Sacha Krishna began to develop a passion for music. At the time, he didn’t realize he would ultimately go on to perform in front of audiences in his  hometown of Ottawa, in addition to shows across the country.  However, after much writing, it was only a few years later that the young emcee, known as Prehistoric, was born. Lighting up the Ottawa Hip Hop scene, Prehistoric took the city by storm with his provocative lyrics and energetic flows. Over the last 10 years, Prehistoric’s intense presence on the microphone has seen him become a prolific freestyle battler, competing in numerous events over the years. His time battling was highlighted by a Last Man Standing victory when he was only 19 and his recent win within Canada’s premiere Battle League King Of The Dot. Prehistoric has honed his freestyle skills into original, written work, ultimately leading him to release 3 albums and 1 mixtape to date. Known for his high energy performances, Prehistoric has played numerous shows across Canada and the United States, entering 2012 energized and dedicated to his new music projects, Prehistoric is currently working on several music videos, upcoming merchandise, and will continue to perform vigorously to fans across North America and for that we have chosen him as our Featured Artist Of The Month.

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Ya Favourite Lightskin
Dynamic aka Ya Favourite Lightskin is a Hip Hop artist, award winning radio host and the founder of Bring Ya Eh Game.

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