Aspects Feat. Dynamic “Shot Down” [Video]

Peep the revolutionary song and visual from Aspects and Dynamic. The song entitled “Shot Down” was produced by Aspects and Tino. Video was shot by Aspects and Dynamic.

Reel Wolf Presents “Cold North Killaz” [Video]

Reel Wolf presents “Cold North Killaz” featuring J Reno, Aspects, Charlie Fettah, J Nyce, Suspect, M.O. Littles, Neph and Raw B Snatch with production by Sentury Status. After finishing the last scenes, Raw B Snatch was involved in the infamous Fort McMurray fire which was been making worldwide news because of its destructive path. This video is dedicated to our fellow Canadians who were victims of this unfortunate disaster. Directed by Tom Vujcic and cinematography by Bailey, Chris Quigg and Delaney Siren.