TimeKode x Freak Motif
“Running From Your Love” [Video]

Black Lives Matter, period. The next volume of the TIMEKODE X remix series closes in on the issue of state sanctioned police violence. On “Running For Your Love”, Memetic transforms a soon-to-be-released mellow love song by Freak Motif featuring Lady C into a rousing Hip Hop anthem about the twisted love police seem to have for black and minority bodies. By reworking recordings of newscasts and infamous incidents of police violence alongside urgent verses from Ottawa rhyme legends Hyfidelik and Bender, the track is transformed. The video focuses on the perspective of a jogger in MTL and a day / night in her life as she runs and dances to find some refuge from the images of police violence bombarding her. But it’s not so easy as she finds herself confronted with exactly what she was trying to escape at the end of her night out.

Made Wade VS Shane Mac [Video]

It’s official and long overdue, Ottawa aka Cap City now has it’s own league of warriors going to war on the newest platform to emerge from the battle rap world. Filmed inside Ritual Nightclub, Capital Rap Battles – Earn Your Stripes drops their first episode and their main event battle with Made Wade VS Shane Mac. The battle was hosted by Ottawa Rap veteran Prehistoric and former King Of The Dot Champion Bender. Check it out here first!