JR Fillion “Northern Lights” [Album]

Aurora borealis, otherwise known as ‘Northern Lights’ – is the dancing of bright lights in the sky caused by electronically charged particles from the sun entering the earth’s atmosphere; although for London’s JR Fillion they’re much more than that. Coming from a small hunting town in northern Canada with a population of about a hundred people with no street lights, no civilization and making the move south to the city; this album represents just that. The hardships of a different lifestyle than we’re all used to living, to making an impact in the bright lights of the city.

Changing and adapting to his new surroundings, you really get some insight into who JR Fillion is as a person within the barriers of Northern Lights. The experiences of overcoming obstacles, the highs and lows and much more. Working with some up and coming producers like Milan Francis and L. Momrelle who really bring forth the sound that caters to the story. The entire project was recorded at ScracthDown Records, mixed by Trevor Kraus-Picado and mastered by Julio Alfonso. Featuring some of Ontario’s up and coming emcee’s like Young Stitch and Casper The Ghost.