#Blackout7 Day 1 [Review]

KOTD is back again with another one, day 1 of #Blackout7 went down yesterday and the energy was amazing. Hip Hop was in the building and tonight you can expect the same vibe. The experience of being in the venue and finding out who is battling who is what it’s all about. With each day of Blackout we already know who the headlining battles are but it’s the smaller battles and on the spot revealing that makes it worth attending this classic event. Can’t make it tonight? That’s ok you can get the PPV. Up next, day 2!

KOTD’s #WD5 Day 2 [Review]

Day 2 of #WD5 went down yesterday and the energy in the building was intense! We made it inside just in time for the video tribute to PH who recently passed away #RIP, looking around at the faces of his fellow battle rap commorades you could literally see tears, everyone was feeling the loss and the legacy of an amazing emcee. After the heart felt tribute the battles kicked off, Quake vs Lexx Luthor was one for the books and a great way to start the night. [Click here for more]