KOTD’s #WD5 Day 2 [Review]

Day 2 of #WD5 went down yesterday and the energy in the building was intense! We made it inside just in time for the video tribute to PH who recently passed away #RIP, looking around at the faces of his fellow battle rap commorades you could literally see tears, everyone was feeling the loss and the legacy of an amazing emcee. After the heart felt tribute the battles kicked off, Quake vs Lexx Luthor was one for the books and a great way to start the night. [Click here for more]


KOTD’s #WD5 Day 1 [Review]

KOTD is always living up to the hype they build surrounding their events! Day 1 of #WD5 proved just that, the energy in the building from start to finish was amazing. The event kicked off at about 7 pm, with DJ Docta playing some dope tunes while battle rap fans filled up The Mod Club venue located on College street in Toronto. First up was Gin- I vs Psycoses and the energy started off just right, we don’t want to go to in to details about who we think won though, just get the PPV or watch it on the KOTD Youtube channel when it drops. (Support the scene!)

Many battles went on from there, again get the PPV to find out who but the highlight of the night was Toronto politician Norm Kelly coming in to the battle for Rone vs Kid Twist and standing back to back with “Kid Fucking Twist”. A quick jab at the recent beef going on between Meek Mills and Drake. Rone is from Philly while Kid Twist represents Toronto so the antic was fitting and definitely outshined the best of antics. The recovery was fast, Rone was able to rebuttal the move and keep the crowd on his side. Click here to take a look at some of the pictures from the event and stay tuned for more coverage from #WD5. Up next Day 2!

Knamelis & Norm Kelly

Press Conference [Review]

KOTD puts on a phenomenal press conference once again! We have been attendance before but with every event the King Of The Dot staff put on, you can see progression. As always the atmosphere in the building was a sense of community, every one was there for the love of Hip Hop.
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#WD5 Press Conference