Yu$$o [Interview]

Peep our latest interview, this time with Ottawa artist Yu$$o. He is currently working on a new mixtape and has a lot to tell us. Take some time out of your day and get to know this young up and coming artist.


B.Y.E.G: What does Yu$$o stand for?

Yu$$o: Yu$$o doesn’t stand for anything really, it comes from a last name change originally. My given family name begins with a Y so I kept that and created the rest. The $$ comes from the inescapable element that is currency.

B.Y.E.G: How long have you been making music?

Yu$$o: I’ve been making music since 2009-10, but I used to just make mixtapes and throw free download links online.

B.Y.E.G: Name one peice of advice you have recieved that you cherish?

Yu$$o: Really think about who Yu$$o is before giving yourself to listeners. Basically knowing yourself fully before others get introduced to you.


B.Y.E.G:Any artists you look up to?

Yu$$o: Artists like Kendrick, OnCue, Big K.R.I.T. and of course Makaveli.

B.Y.E.G: Let us know what to expect in the future.

Yu$$o: I am currently working on a mixtape that’s titled after my vlog “Road To New History”. The first track I’m dropping off that is called “Everyday//Live The Life” and it drops very soon. I also have a show coming up on January 18th, 2015 at Rivoli in Toronto. I have the R.T.N.H. Vlog i’ve been doing to give people more of an insight behind the scenes of the things I am working on and episode 2 is set to drop really soon as well on YouTube. I also shot a music video for a song I did called “Infinity” produced by Mister Lies thats set to drop at anytime.

B.Y.E.G:Want to say anything to your fans?

Yu$$o: Thank you to those continuing to follow me on my journey to new history. I’ve come across a lot of ups and downs already but I’ll always continue to push!

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