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Check out our latest interview with one of Canada’s greatest emcees. reporter Qinfo met up with Choclair and they had the chance to discuss the state of the Canadian industry today, how Choclair remains humble amongst the new blood and his studio session with Ol’ Dirty Bastard (R.I.P).  It’s a great interview enjoy!!!


B.Y.E.G: How are you doing Choclair? It’s a definite pleasure to get the opportunity to have a one on one with one of Canada’s finest Hip Hop veterans. I am actually honoured you are taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.

Choclair: Thanks mans it’s a pleasure to do this interview with you too, you caught me at a great time.

B.Y.E.G: I’ve always wondered; how it would feel to be one of the first rappers in Canadian Hip Hop to receive any major endorsement deals can you let me in on it?

Choclair: It felt good, for me it was a sign of things to come, and that the corporate world was opening up more to Hip Hop in Canada, and when that happens there is just more money for the industry, Canadian Urban Scene and that’s what is still lacking today but at least we are moving forward.

B.Y.E.G: Recently there has been a surge of new talent coming out of Canada. Do you feel at this point in your career that people should pay you homage?

Choclair: It’s Good when they do but its not expected. I feel that when the scene truly expands to the point that I have always envisioned it’s going to be; then the history books will tell the story of not just me but people like Rumble and Strong, Michie, Scam, Thrust, Rascalz, Ghetto Concept, Maestro, Power Move Show, DJ Power, Mastermind, Ron Nelson and a list of others.  To truly know where you are going in this world you got to know your history and I know people live in the now, so I don’t expect it although it is always good to hear.

B.Y.E.G: As an artist who has been in this industry for over a decade how do you manage to stay relevant amongst the new blood in the game, yet humble at the same time?

Choclair: Real simple, just be yourself.  Don’t get caught up in the hype, enjoy your success of course but remember people are people and just because they are not famous doesn’t make them any less relevant. Everyone has something special to offer this world and if you discredit a next mans worth and value you actually lose out on your own growth, be yourself and be real with your fans and just people in general and people will reward you for your authenticity.

B.Y.E.G: Your latest video without a question matches the message I get from the song “Move Mountains” it is definitely an inspirational song.  Is that the general feeling for your upcoming album?

Choclair: Not so much but I have grown up since “Twenty-One Years”, “Just A Second” and “What It Takes” that’s why I titled the album “C. Evolution” it will show my progression over the years. I’m more mature now but I am still a man about lyrics and grew up through, in my opinion, the defining era of Hip Hop, the 90’s. I’m still in to all types of vibes, but if you don’t show growth in your music you get left behind.

B.Y.E.G: In my opinion, I think that the song is timeless.  What made you write the song?

Choclair: I was just at a point in life where you hit a crossroad and have a choice to make; dive head first into your dream and ambitions; or do something that may not fullfill you emotionally but might be good for other reasons. I just decided to follow my ambition and looked back at my life, where I came from and all the hurdles that me and my family had to go through just to make it to where I am now; and said to myself that’s moving some mountains where I come from and just felt like sharing that inspiration.

B.Y.E.G: I’ve watched you perform before and you are always very well respected for your live performances.  What do you feel some musicians are lacking on stage?

Choclair: The entertainment factor. I am not going to tell someone how to do they’re show and how to present themselves to others while on stage; but one thing I will say is people come to see you and to be entertained by you but not by your 15 other friends on stage with you or your beef with the sound man or whatever. Just picture yourself watching your favourite artist and say to yourself “what would be wack if this happened and what would be dope if this happened” then take it to that level that people will walk away and say “that performance was fresh” and will remember it for years after.

B.Y.E.G: What is your biggest disappointment with the Hip Hop industry in Canada at this present time?

Choclair: That more musicians are not making a real living off it. I feel that we are almost there but its a shame that people can’t put full time into it instead of working 2 to 3 jobs to support their passion. I would love to see more people being able to survive off music alone and make it a long lasting career because there is so much out there for everyone we just have to open the flood gates.

B.Y.E.G: What is the most memorable studio session you have had to date?

Choclair: Would have to be when I recorded with Ol’ Dirty Bastard (R.I.P) and did “Suave Dirty Dawgs” in L.A, that is still one of my favourite records.

B.Y.E.G: Out of all the studio albums that you have released which one is your favourite and why?

Choclair: I don’t have a favourite but one that I can say stands out to me most is “Memoirs Of Blake Savage” because in my opinion that was myself and Saukrates bringing funk, moving baselines and some real soul to the Canadian Hip Hop Scene. I believe it was before it’s time and I think when people go back and listen to that record today they realize just how great the record was. After that record a lot of funky stuff started coming out from Canada.

B.Y.E.G: Besides your new album what else should your fans should be looking out for?

Choclair: Everything and anything, as you know I have always been a huge supporter of Canadian Hip Hop so I will be doing all I can to help people make a living off it and expand the music up here.

B.Y.E.G: On behalf of myself and we appreciate this exclusive interview. This has been incredible thank you.  Do you have any last words for your fans before we finish?

Choclair: Come see me on the road, drop me a line on the net and thank you for your support for over 13 years.

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