Interview w/ Jay Vado reporter Qinfo is killing it; another interview under the belt and this time with one of  Canada’s top prospects for R&B music Jay Vado. Just as he finished celebrating his win for “Battle Of The Beats” (Hot 89.9) in Ottawa he took some time to talk about how it felt going up against and beating Drake, his new French record in the works and why he chose to work with Canadian director Cazh for his latest project. Sit back and have a good time!!!


BYEG: We at BringYaEhGame would like to extend a warm welcome and also congratulate you on your win for the “Battle Of The Beats”. Your energy must be through the roof at this point.

Jay Vado: Thank you very much, it’s much appreciated. I feel like I’m on 10 red bulls right now (laughing). I was astonished to beat Drake on the last day of “Battle Of The Beats” considering all the support he has been getting so far; although I knew we were going to come out victorious with my entire city supporting me.  Shout out to everyone,  I couldn’t do it without you.

BYEG: With your big single “Breathe and Shake” burning up the airwaves, you’ve also gained exposure from songs like “Material Girl” (Harvey Stripes) as well as opening for Lloyd and Trey Songz. Looking into the future, besides the release of your album what would you say your next major target will be?

Jay Vado: I currently have a French record in the works which we will release this fall.  I’m really excited  for this one,  it’s also produced by Arthur MacArthur who did my single “Breathe and Shake”.  I’m off to Miami and Atlanta to begin recording and getting all the pieces together for my first album.

BYEG: In these times of poor record sales due to the digital takeover and bootlegging, it seems easier to get music at no cost. What are the necessary steps in your opinion an artist should take to safe guard their material in order to make the most out of it?

Jay Vado: GOOD MUSIC!! The necessary step is to figure out who your niche market is and put out good music for them. I see the digital takeover as a promotional tool and as long as an artist makes music for  their fans and not their friends, with a proper  promotional mix they should be ok. Go big or go home.

BYEG: For your new single “Breathe and Shake” you have enlisted Cazh as the director for the video. Her resume aside, what artistically made you reach out to her to get the video done?

Jay Vado: Cazh is very creative first off, I remember seeing a Mic Boogie video called “Good Look” and I was more than impressed with her work on that video. I think the biggest thing with choosing people to work with is having people that truly care about your success. Cazh has maintained a good working relationship with my team; she is prompt and delivers no matter what the situation is.

BYEG: At the present time who within your genre of music would you say is your biggest competition?

Jay Vado: I see myself as the “unsigned” new kid on the block, a lot of the artists in my genre have  record deals and have released if not singles, full blown albums. I try not to look at others as competition, to be honest I’m not in a position to compete with them. I’m still crafting my music and my team is building a dynamic platform around me but in due time I will be able to answer that question more thoroughly.

BYEG: Earlier in your career Beat Merchant took you under the wing and introduced you to Lynx who has played the mentorship role, responsible for your development as an artist. Nowadays artist development is not as focused on as it used to be, yet its very important. What is one lesson that you have learned from Lynx that has stuck with you?

Jay Vado: Lynx has played a big role in the careers of artist like Massari and many other R&B/Pop acts, he has a tried, tested and true work ethic that works and he is definitely not a yes man. He is a big reason why my success is where it is at right now.

BYEG: Producer wise who would you like to work with?

Jay Vado: I feel like a kid in the candy store sometimes with the producer’s I am working with right now.  I love producers like Polow and of course Timbaland, from Justice league to the Fliptones.  Poli Paul is somebody I would like to work with, he has done great records with Black Eyed Peas and Christina Milian. So many to choose from I could literally go for days when it comes to quality production. Shout out to Matt Fingaz, Big Kev from DJ Vatican and my dude Arthur McArthur for holding me down on the production tip so far.

BYEG: If you were not in the music scene what would Jay Vado be doing right now?

Jay Vado : I would probably be trying out for the New York Yankees, baseball flows through my veins like blood.  I love cars so I think I might have ended up in the automotive industry.

BYEG: Before we wrap up the interview is there anything you would like to share with your fans?

Jay Vado: Yeah thank you to all my fans for the ongoing support.  You are all amazing from Lebanon to Australia, France to Venezuela and everyone else supporting me around the world. THANK YOU!! This is just the beginning. Let’s keep the request going for “Breathe and Shake” across Canada.

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