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Check out our interview with School Street Records recording artist Rams Fax. Our reporter Qinfo talked to Rams about his label, the R&B artist they are planning to sign and how he would rather listen to Asher Roth then 100 weak rappers.


B.Y.E.G: As a new artist who has quickly risen in popularity in the Ottawa music scene. What would you say the key factor is to your rapid fan base growth?

Rams Fax: Word of mouth most definitely. The buzz started in Ottawa when we dropped the first mixtape, promo posters were everywhere, CD’s were everywhere the city was showing me heavy love. Also going to Vancity, Calgary and E-town on a small promotional tour for the mixtape, I am certain that played a key role as well.

B.Y.E.G: Listening to some of your songs I sense the streets within your lyrics but in the same token you have songs for the ladies. Would you say your formula when creating songs in the studio leans more to catering to the ladies or to the streets?

Rams Fax: Actually “Someone Like You” is the only track I dropped for the ladies so far. The “Mr. Right Spot” & “Satisfied” tracks will be released soon along with the videos for them. Aside from those, all my joints have been street. I’ve spoken about women in my tracks often but only recently in the last year started making the joints for my female audience, now that the demand is there.  I have learned that women like my street records too but that will only go so far with them, they will always want to hear the tracks pertaining to them directly. I am very direct and honest with my words and they like that so it’s a win win situation for all. Overall street records is what I love doing but trying to find the right balance of both is where I am at right now. I got a few street/club joints dropping real soon.

B.Y.E.G: Besides being an artist on School Street Records what other roles do you play within the company?

Rams Fax: Co-founder, Director of Music and Songwriter.

B.Y.E.G: If you can for the fans, describe how instrumental J Keens contribution has been to your career?

Rams Fax: J. Keens would have been the second part to your first question, had it been a 2 part question. Keens has been a major contributor to my career since jump from my first freestyle to the first studio session to the first live show. He co-executive produced my first mixtape, a few singles we haven’t released yet and directed my first video. He’s been my closest friend since I was 12 or 13 but when it comes to business I have a unbiased opinion towards him as he does me but I can truly say I couldn’t ask for a better associate to build a brand with. He has great ideas, strategies and is very savvy minded on every project we do. I value his opinion and suggestions greatly. He is also the Co-Founder of School Street Records.

B.Y.E.G: How much did your career change after being featured as the upcoming artist in the M.O.B. Magazine?

Rams Fax: That was a good look for me, a lot of people seen me in that issue and people still recognize me from that article to this day. At that time the mixtape was still fresh on the streets when the article came out so it was a nice touch to the promo run we had going for that project.

B.Y.E.G: Take yourself out of the rapper zone and look at the game from a listeners/viewers perspective. In your opinion does an artist need to have street credibility to be a good artist?

Rams Fax: Either way I look at it no. From a listener/viewers point of view, what would I care if emcee no name puts in work or not. I’m listening to the music for the music and if it’s good it’s good. Talent stands alone and street cred has nothing to do with skill and vice versa. They are night and day, I would rather listen to 1 Asher Roth over 100 weak rappers any day.

B.Y.E.G: From writing verses at the age of 16 to doing shows and releasing a well put together mixtape entitled “Handle The Business” what would you say has been a pivotal part of your career?

Rams Fax: Getting to know the view and work required from behind the scenes as well as an artists view. All the while allowing my creative views and projects to reach their full potential.

B.Y.E.G: I predict some major moves from you Rams! What is one move you are currently making that your fans would be excited to hear about?

Rams Fax: We are about to sign an R&B Artist that you will be hearing about soon! I wont reveal who he is as we are finalizing everything as we speak. All I can say right now is don’t say I never gave you a heads up when a new R&B sensation is born.

B.Y.E.G: When will you be dropping an album?

Rams Fax: TBD, singles is what I’m thinking about right now as far as official releases. The debut album will assemble on its own. I have a  few joints already that I know are on there but it will still require some time before I paint that picture. My new mixtape “Talk My Language” CD/DVD is slated to drop in October. I really like the joints on this mixtape, plenty of buzz worthy tracks and it will not disappoint.

B.Y.E.G: On behalf of I would like to thank you for your time. Feel free to share any last words with your fans.

Rams Fax: From me and the team at SS we would like to thank the staff at for the interview. To the fans thank you for making every move that more worth while. We tip our hats to all the great people that we work with. Look out for our upcoming and future projects. We have also recently founded Eighty 2 and 1 Films, with our first script in the pocket we will begin shooting in the very near future.

Check out Rams Fax online through the following site:

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