JiXX [Featured Artist Of The Week]

Jixx started rapping at a young age, looking up to his older brother and Canadian Hip Hop Icon JB, recording his first song at just 12 years old. From then on he started building a huge buzz in Toronto’s east end (Scarborough) working with many local artists. Around the same time he was featured on a track called “BayMills, T.O” which featured many local and buzzing artists, the video was so publicized and massive that during the video shoot ETF and mass officers from Toronto’s 42 division went on to raid the video shoot virtually arresting almost everyone on site. With this under his belt, the still teenage Yung Jixx went out for himself and started a serious solo career in Toronto’s underground scene. In 2004 he formed the group Yay Billz alongside his younger brother Sly Tha Ryder. The group did many shows in the Toronto area and the name was picking up recognition fast. In 2008 Yung Jixx’s determination and strength were put to the ultimate test, as fate would come into play. While sitting in his Envoy with his 8 year old step daughter he was shot about four times which has never been confirmed as all the bullets made exit wounds. Jixx lost a lung, and was shot in the heart and liver. He woke up in a coma two weeks later. On intensive care for over a month and going through open heart surgery gave the 23 year old a new perspective on life, and a renewed love for family. Jixx stayed positive through the whole experience and has recovered well which can only be attributed his faith. Yung Jixx, now older took on the new name JiXX and has continued to bring consistently hot music to the table over the years building up anticipation for his new releases. Jixx’s signature smooth flow and flashy rockstar persona are in full effect on his latest projects and he is capturing new fans every day and for that we have chosen him as our Featured Artist Of The Week.

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