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Been a while since the last interview on the site but our new reporter Q’s on the job and he had an opportunity to kick it with JRDN who is originally from Halifax but is now in Toronto.  Before we get into the interview here is what Q had to say “What’s going on y’all?  I recently had the pleasure of chopping it up with Jordan (JRDN) Croucher and I have to say it was a very informative interview.  Take time to read over the interview and you will soon realize why it is so easy to support his music as well as the direction he is taking as an artist.  I once again want to thank JRDN and his team for the opportunity to pick his brain on various topics.  Enjoy ya’ll”.


B.Y.E.G: Thank you for joining us today.

JRDN: No problem what’s happening?

B.Y.E.G: Glad to finally meet up, let’s talk about life growing up in Halifax?

JRDN: Life growing up in Halifax, Well I like to put it like this I was born in Halifax raised in the connections, and made in the Square.  Growing up in Hali for me was amazing I found two passions in my life within the first year of moving back to Halifax from Toronto basketball and singing.  This allowed me to be closer to my family.  Halifax was the city where my dreams began and my life long friendships started.

B.Y.E.G: How much did being on “Much 911” benefit your career?

JRDN: Well it gave me national television exposure establishing me as a Canadian artist before my music was released.  It also played a couple of years after it aired giving me motivation to pursue my music career.

B.Y.E.G: Are you currently working with any labels?

JRDN: Currently I have a production deal with Kuya productions, distribution through Fontana North and booking and management with Capital Prophets (CP Records).

B.Y.E.G: With your new single “U Can Have It All” buzzing on the air waves and a video to match are you touring right now and promoting it?

JRDN: No touring as of yet, we are looking to setting up some dates but nothing right now.

B.Y.E.G: With all your new material out right now how do you feel about your positioning within the game?

JRDN: I feel really good about my position in the game and extremely thankful  to have met Kuya Productions.  Hooking up with them has given me the opportunity to travel south and work with some amazing writers who have really helped my project take shape.

B.Y.E.G: From your earlier material to the latest it seems you slightly molded yourself a new style “U Can Have It All” vs. “So Addicted” correct?

JRDN: No I just feel that I am more at home with this sound and the creative process is a lot different.  I think a lot has to do with the production not to take anything away from Classified but “No Dress Code” was his first time working with an R&B artist so it was more experimental for the both of us.  Kuya has been making R&B music for a long time and we are inspired by a lot of the same musicians so I feel it’s a better fit.

B.Y.E.G: What is the current line up for producers on your album?

JRDN: The majority of production comes from Kuya.  I did fall in love with a record I co-wrote with Jarvis Church and Sammy Blues over a Deputy track called “To The Top” but that’s about it for now.

B.Y.E.G: Prior to fully committing to your music career what were you doing before you made it into the music industry?

JRDN: After playing a year semi pro basketball in Europe I worked for a friends security company at my old high school.  While waiting to hear back from my agent I was offered a job with the Halifax Regional School Board as an outreach coordinator this gave me time to start my music career.  After hooking up with Classified I left and officially started my career.

You have come a long way from being the lead singer for  Shades of Grove.  Do you still communicate with your former group members?

JRDN: (laughing) it’s been a while but the last group member I spoke with was  Jim Mullen (base).  I actually had him and Seth Fraser (guitar) play on “Hello” from the “No Dress Code” album.  It’s been a minute.

B.Y.E.G: Thank you for kicking it with us any last words before you go?

JRDN: Yazzle Yazzle, thank you and Yazzle Yazzle.

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