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Sinotra is an extremely diverse artist with crooning melodies and intricate raps, Sinotra brings 11 years of rhyming experience to form a fresh sound that is yet to be heard. Sinotra is a true entertainer determined to present you with his raw abilities; his thunderous stage presence comes from being overlooked for so many years while his glitzy personality comes from the frustration of constantly being told his place in life. His all out attitude is that of a man expected to fail, but with all too much to live for. Raised in a Nova Scotian household, and hailing from the Lawrence Heights Community better known as Jungle City, Sinotra represents the next level of talent emerging from Toronto. As his name suggests, Sinotra has a rich background in music. When he was younger, he honed his harmonies singing at his local church. Growing up in a soulful household of classic music, it wasnt rare for him to hear the sounds of James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Shirley Caesar, Phil Collins, or Bob Marley coming from his parents speakers. Sinotra has always found a way to turn his childhood emotions into passionate and feel good music. He credits the adversity and triumph he has undergone for who he is today; a creative, positive individual who is making something of his life. His guidance comes from great world leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, and Mohammed Ali to more local, yet equally important influences such as his parents and his 5th grade English teacher. Sinotra has learned from these role models, heeded their words of wisdom, and translated them into his own expressions of knowledge. Sinotra is an alumnus of the Remix Project which has also led him to speak at the UN habitat conference that took place in Durban, South Africa. Taking notice to the impact he has had on his community, the CBC called upon him to do a track speaking about the revitalization issues currently taking place in the Lawrence Heights community. Not only does Sinotra bring a unique delivery and unmatched energy on stage, but his rhymes deal with everything that surrounds him. Lifes aspirations, dreams, and nightmares, past occurrences, and relationships all form his diverse subject matter. With a unique mindset, he strives to be a positive role model for the new generation of youth. As an up and coming Canadian artist, Sinotra is ready to leave his ferocious past behind him, and transfer his pent up energy into a positive force and for that we have chosen him as our Featured Artist Of The Week.

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