Legends Of The Fame: The Great Canadian
Hip Hop Card Collection [Article + Pics]

The Great Canadian Hip Hop Card Collection

Industry Auction

Only two months ago, Fred E Fame started work on the first ever Great Canadian Hip Hop Card Collection. From an idea sparked by Fred E Fame’s imaginative mind and unmatched work ethic, to a project executed perfectly, The Great Canadian Hip Hop Card Collection brought in the New Year by satisfying supporters, astonishing disbelievers and making Canadian hip-hop history. On January 11th at Andy’s Pool Hall, Fred E Fame hosted the Official Industry Auction of the first signature Canadian Hip Hop card. Toronto Hip Hop historian and long-time supporter, Addi Stewart a.k.a. Mindbender, was the auctioneer of the night while DJ Law was honoured with the first “signature card” and cover package.

“DJ Law’s dedication to the Toronto Hip Hop scene has been consistent throughout the years and his true passion for the industry has been proven time and time again,” explains Fred E Fame. The guest list included The Urban Music Association of Canada, Fusicology, Mel Boogie, That’sMySong! Music, CBC and Urbanology Magazine. Artists proudly involved in the first series of the trading cards were also in attendance, delivering their music to DJ Soundscan in preparations for the following Legends of the Fame event. Every artist who brought in their music was granted an exclusive sneak-peak of their featured trading card, which would be released in 5-card packages to trade and collect.

Fred E Fame had entered the event barring a silver suitcase handcuffed to his wrist; inside was the signature DJ Law card. As excitement heighted throughout the venue, camera lights flashed and interviews continued. When it was time, Mindbender grabbed the mic, introduced himself to the crowd and explained the importance of everyone witnessing this historical event. Immediately the two sides of Andy’s Pool Hall intertwined. Artists, b-boys, media and industry socialites were all in the same room hanging off each of Mindbender’s words, all experiencing Canadian hip-hop history being made in the city they call home. “I just remember seeing so many flashes and being surrounded by people who were genuinely and excitingly interested in what was happening,” explains Fred E Fame. “Everybody’s phones and cameras were on this card.”

After he handed the card over to Mindbender the bidding opened at $35. The second bid, offered by Spesh K (a local artist who is featured on his own trading card) jumped to $60. The bids quickly skyrocketed from $100 to $350. $600! $650! $700! “People were kind of confused at this moment,” remembers Fred E. “They didn’t know that Canadian Hip Hop meant this much to people. When it was presented in front of them, it was as if the spirit of Canadian Hip Hop entered them and filled them with the light of what we worked so hard to build.”

By the end of the bidding war, two Hip Hop heads were in a battle to own the first official Canadian Hip Hop signature card. Melvin Hill, a Toronto native and long-time DJ Law supporter beat the final $850 bid with an astonishing $1000! All proceeds went to The Remix Project,“to support the future of Canadian Hip Hop,” that both The Remix Project, The 5th Artist Development Agency and HipHopCanada.com proudly embrace.

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